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18 February 2019


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We are still looking for these people for any future events !

     The list is long but with your help we can whittle it down to a blank page.  Anyone listed below is someone who we have not made any type of positive contact with.  This list will be changing so please check back.  Any info, old or new that you might have, (telephone #, snail mail address or email address) will help us out.
     If you see your name below, please let us know.  Our goal is 100% contact.  Please take a moment to look over the list below.

If you can help us, please forward any info to:  Contact Us !

Many Thanks in Advance !

Ablowitz, Rod
Arends, Marcy
Arrona, Chris
Ast, Diane

Banwart, Larry
Barnum, Tim
Berg, Gary
Brenke, Kathy
Bunten, Deborah

Cabler, Rebeca
Carr, Dianna
Carter, Patricia
Chapman, Cindy
Chappell, Craig
Chidester, Cathy
Chidester, Lynn
Christenson, Lori
Clements, David
Connell, Kelly
Cook, Fred
Copas, Phil
Corbidge, Phillip
Corbidge Lawson, Jeanette
Craft, Cindy

Cuda, Angelina
Crooks, Charles
Culp, Wes
Cunning, Mike
Cutter, Nancy

Davis, Steve
Debenedetto, Brian
Deis, Frank
Delladonna, Scott
Dick, Cindy
Dorman, Melody
Douglas, Victor
Dyer, Melanie

Edwards, Steve
Ehls, Jeff
Ellsworth, Wayne

Fagerlie, Caren
Falcon, Richard
Fisher, Della

Flores, Mary
Florian, Rick
Fox, Cheryl
Fraser, Steve

Gail, Cindi
Gargiulo, Eric
Glaze, Leslie
Greaves, Cathy
Green, Raymond
Greene, Marti
Grove, Greg
Gudenkauf, Brenda

Hagins, Diane
Hamlett, Linda
Hammond, Rebbecca
Hanks, Jana
Harbeck, Tim
Harris, Elizabeth
Hays, Scot
Haywood, Pamela
Herbert, Theresa
Hewlett, Terry
Hoeck, Shawna
Howard, Jesse
Hunt, Mark

Jacka, Cindy
Jackson, Jolene
Jarvis, Tony
Johnson, Doug
Johnson, Scott
Johnson, Thomas
Jonsson, Runar

Kegley, Jo
Kipp, Nancy
Kloczl, Susi
Knapp, Janet
Krug, Don
Kuck, Gail
Kunkle, Bonnie

Lawson, Elaine
Lee, Dave

Levie, Greg

Lindstrom, Nancy
Long, Steve
Lopez, Andrew
Luth, David

Mabie, Connie
McAnally, Terry
McMullen, John
Melas, Christina
Mess, Nathan
Mewharter, Starlyn
Miller, Bonnie
Miller, Daniel
Miller, Robert
Mossman, Scott

Nance, Robin
Nelson, Cindy
Northcott, David

Peck, Marvin
Penrod, Dave
Pernaitis, Sandy
Persico, Barbara
Peugh, Travis
Poindexter, Debbie
Polk, Kathie
Preston, Julia

Raytan, Zealda
Richmond, Walter
Rickert, Tim
Riley, Terri
Robenson, Deane
Robinson, Diane
Robles, Julie
Rodgers, Mark
Rogers, Tina

Rolls, John
Romano, Michael
Ruckman, Tami

Saldano, Chris
Sanders, Deena
Sawchenko, Ken
Schoonover, Cindy
Schreyer, Karen
Schulder, Jim
Schweller, Greg
Segovia, Pedro
Sells, John
Sharon, Theresa
Shelton, Jim
Silva, Raul
Smith, Greg
Smith, Sheena
Smith, Dennis
Sparman, Kurt

Speidel, Kim
Stanley, John
Steward, Sue
Stoked, Tami
Stone, Cheryl
Streich, Deanne
Sullivan, Richard

Tatum, Mary
Taunt, Linda
Taylor, Laura
Thomas, June
Timm, Darla
Timmerman, Charles

Volkert, Frank
Von Sprecken, Roger
Vourliotis, Frank

Williamson, Dan
Woodward, Joe
Wright, Caren
Wright, David
Wright, Douglas
Wright, Gary

Young, Michael

Zikos, George
Zimmerman, Randy
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