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High School

GUHS - Sunnyslope

35 W. Dunlap Avenue
Phoenix, AZ 85021
(623) 915-8760

Year Opened: 1953-54

Mascot: Viking
Colors: Green & White
Motto: Educating all
for life-long learning.

We are dedicated to providing a safe community-oriented environment in which learners can pursue academic excellence and life-long skills that will allow them to develop to their fullest potential in the face of a rapidly changing society.

Alma Mater

Raise your head,
lift your hearts up high,
with honor and pride we fight to win or die.
Sunnyslope, may you always be the high ideal
 we see today.
And thru the years tho' we be far away, may we still think of you so.

Carry the pride that you wove in us so well,
but never let the odds 
bring your standard
from their high.
We will still be with you in our hearts and always 
loyal to your name.
We'll always be so proud to bear the pride which has been given us thru you.

Fight Song

Fight on you
Sunnyslope Vikings
Fight on with
all your might
Fight on you
Sunnyslope Vikings
To a victory tonight ! 

Fight on you
Sunnyslope Vikings
Fight on for the
green and white
Fight on you
Sunnyslope Vikings
Hit 'em hard -
let's win tonight

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33.567N 112.075W

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April 28 - In History

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Baseball: Sunnyslope Rallies
to take Division II Title

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Submitted by Harry Spangler

SHS Class of 1976 - Time Capsule
Before it was opened !

The 1st Graduation Party !
The Invitation Flyer !

The Viking News

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Thanks Bob Gorman 
for this contribution !

Classmate    &    Web Site

     Rhonda Brewer - Chaparro:
     Heather Page - Farlow:     

High School Reunion Idea: Getting Ready Emotionally

With every passing year comes yet another enduring
adult ritual- the High School reunion. No doubt many of us...

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Sunnyslope High School
Building Blocks Scholarship Project
"Building Blocks for the Future"
Go down in history at good old SHS !
Have your name and graduation year engraved
on a brick displayed on campus.

Call the school for more information - 623-915-8760

"Let's Go Back to 1976":

Thanks John Cummerford for this contribution !

     Fish Karma is the pseudonym for musician Terry Owen.  According to his bio, he was born in 1959 but graduated in 1974 from Central High School.

     An irreverent look at the 70's, his song Sunnyslope was released in 1992 on the album titled: Sunnyslope.  Notice "S" Mountain on the cover.  Click on the cover to listen.
     Thanks Jim Cummings for this contribution !

New Marquee for Sunnyslope

    Sunnyslope High School is showing off its accomplishments on a new marquee with lighting and digital messages.
     The beautiful new addition was made possible through the generous donations of the Viking Class of 2001 and the Viking Parents Club.
     The marquee can announce messages continuously on a rolling' or a 'still' format. It is prominently displayed on Dunlap Ave in front of the school.

Did You Know ?

Witnesses Sought in Attack on Man 
Aug. 18, 2006 12:00 AM

     The headline in the May 24, 2005 Arizona Republic read: "Someone Who Shouldn't Be Forgotten: Friends Parted, Kindness Didn't." 
     One of many ironies in the 2005 murder of Carl Reinhold, of Phoenix, is that the circumstances around his death were confusing enough that no typical crime story was written. But his death was sad enough that a touching "Life Remembered" feature was crafted by Republic reporter Connie Cone Sexton. 
     Sexton's story traces the friendship of John Cummerford, of Phoenix, and Reinhold. The two met at Sunnyslope High School in 1973 when Cummerford transferred into the school, was lonely as many transfer students are, and was grateful that Reinhold extended the hand of friendship.
     The two played together on the junior varsity football team, ran track, hung out. But graduation saw the friendship fade. Cummerford went off to college, then law school. Reinhold joined the Army, but was discharged when glaucoma began to ravage his eyesight.
     Fifteen years passed. Cummerford prospered. Life was less kind to Reinhold. He became legally blind, though he still retained some vision. He moved into subsidized housing in Sunnyslope and lived off a government disability check. He found odd jobs and pedaled about his Sunnyslope neighborhood, carefully, on his bicycle.
     Cummerford told Sexton that he saw Reinhold a couple of times between their graduation and 2005, the last time sitting alone in a cafeteria. 
     Then, about 18 months ago, Reinhold was riding his bicycle and somehow got into an altercation with a group of men. Reinhold was struck several times. He died a few days later. Cummerford was among the few at Reinhold's funeral.
     What police say: Phoenix police Det. Clark Schwartzkopf says the death of Reinhold presents police with some extraordinarily frustrating circumstances. 
     The detective said that at 5:45 p.m. Feb. 23, 2005, police received several 911 calls from 800 E. Hatcher Road reporting that a man who had been riding his bicycle down the road had been beaten by two or three men.
     Schwartzkopf says officers responded and found Reinhold dazed but conscious. But Reinhold refused to talk to police and refused treatment. And the people who had called 911 were gone.
     "He was so uncooperative, officers who had responded to the scene let him go," Schwartzkopf said. 
     Police left, and Reinhold went down the road a ways but then collapsed. He was taken to nearby John C. Lincoln Hospital, lapsed into a coma, and died six days later. No suspects have been arrested in the case.
     Police stymied: "One of the most maddening things about this case is that there were witnesses who made 911 calls on cellphones," Schwartzkopf said. "But the witnesses left the scene before the police got there. And when we tried to subpoena the cellphone records, the company that had them - reported that they had lost them, so we couldn't track down the people who made the calls." 
     Schwartzkopf said the callers had even included information about the license plate of the car the men who had beaten Reinhold had left in.
     "So there were then and probably still are people out there who could really help us on this case," the detective said. 
     Schwartzkopf said police are baffled as to why anyone would have wanted to hurt Reinhold.
     "He didn't have a criminal record," Schwartzkopf said. "He kept to himself, but he was well liked by people who knew him. He was a decent person." 
     How to help: Anyone with information about the death of Carl Reinhold should call Silent Witness at 1-800-343-TIPS.        -William Hermann

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