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From the Desk of Harry Spangler, December 29, 2012

     Hi everyone. Now up to 134 Sunnyslope alumni that I am emailing to here in and out of state. Here are some Sunnyslope thing that have happened this last year to our Sunnyslope friends and family and the area in review.
While most of you are in the class of 1976 that this goes to there are others that are older and younger by several years. So some of these may or may not pertain to you directly at times. Some of this I am doing by memory and you might know it all ready or I sent it out just to a small group of people before. Others I am using Facebook the Sunnyslope class of 76 website Azcentral and other friends messages to me.
     I am going to do the sad news first to get it out of the way. If you recall the teachers Mr. Larry Wolfrum , Mr. Riley L. McBee , Mr. Fred McClure and finally Mr. Lipinski passed away this last year.
This last year in the 1976 class we sadly lost two classmate. Cathy Billings and Jeff Campbell.  In other classes Long, William Robert (Bill) 51.
Then this for anyone that might know of her or the family class of 94'
Jennifer E. Schabert passed away.
     My main thing is to once again remind you all of the Sunnyslope Alumni Breakfast for ALL CLASSES. The *(FIRST)* Saturday of each month so it will be next Saturday January 5th. It is as always is the EYE Opener 524 W Hatcher. It is informal at around 8 Am or so till when ever. This last year the class of 1976 had 18 different people show up. I should of asked if I could put the names down but I forgot to so I will not. We had 12 at the most at one time (plus spouse's that did not go to Sunnyslope but are still welcome) but average about six per breakfast now from the 1976 class. Had one person from Las Vegas from our class show several times. So those that live in the area.......
     In team sports Sunnyslope rallies to take Division II title
Congrats.... Sunnyslope High School Baseball Team.. 2012 Div II State Champs.  Then the girls volleyball also won the state championship. The girls have done this now for five years in a row I believe now???
     Who recalls the old Northgate Bowling alley on 12 ST and Dunlap? Anyway it is now called Let it Roll. A bunch of current Pro and EX Pro sports people and announcers held a fund raiser at it. EX Phoenix Suns and friend Cedric Ceballos's Charity event held it. BTW the Jeff Fields at the start of the youtube is the son of the teacher Terry Fields the English teacher at Sunnyslope.
     Here is some Sunnyslope area websites you might be interested in as far a community activities and what has and is going on. For instance at different times of the year they have a art walk around the whole area south of JCL in the old Food City parking lot all the way down Central several block Bands and food and what not.
     Then to get all the info about the past history of Sunnyslope you can check this out for the hours that they are open.

     BTW the end of 2011 S Mountain became a historic site. And then part of the mountain preserve.
     Other Sources that I have used>
     BTW the two Facebook websites different reunions are being planned for different classes so you might want to check them out.
     I might have missed one or two websites as references been doing this now for a couple hours and doing other things.
If anyone has anything else that they think I should put out let me know. Or any questions and feel free to resend out to others. Now to call six people that do not do email

From somewhere around the world.

From the Desk of Harry Spangler, October 2, 2012

     Sorry I am behind on this but just a reminder.  I was going to send this out two weeks ago for the people out of town and state.  Big goof on my part.
     Sunnyslope home coming is this Friday Oct 5th night.  It is against Apollo.  I am planning on going.  I am going to try and get to it a little bit earlier at about 6:30 or a little after.  If you want to see me email me.

     Anyway the Sunnyslope alumni breakfast for all classes is the next morning Oct 6th at around eight or so.  Informal.  It is at the Eye Opener at 524 W Hatcher.  Hope to see you at one or the other.

     You need any more info contact me about this or anything Sunnyslope thing feel free to ask and I will try and help out.

From the Desk of Harry Spangler, May 15, 2012

Baseball: Sunnyslope Rallies to take Division II Title

Click Here to Read the Story

Hope you are all well.
All the Sunnyslope Alumni that are out of town if you are ever back in town around the first of the month do not forget the first Saturday breakfast. 
 From my laptop somewhere around the world.

From the Desk of Harry Spangler, April 30, 2012

Just a reminder about the first Saturday of each month Breakfast.  This Saturday May 5th around eight, the breakfast will be held at the Eye Opener Hatcher and 6th Ave.  Informal as all get out.  Bring family friends or whoever. - H.S.

From the Desk of Harry Spangler, January 2012

Hi everyone hope you are having a great 2012 so far all eleven hours or so. Sending this out to out of state people also because so many are in and out of town over the next week or so but not sure how long you will be here.

Anyway this Saturday January 7 is the first Saturday in each month breakfast. It is up on Hatcher at the Eye Opener at eight AM or so. Not a set time or anything you can sit any place and just eat and talk to those around you. Any question ask. Oh I am planning on bring up the 76 class photo and year book. Any one else feel free to bring your along.

OHHHHHHH BTW congrats to the Sunnyslope girls volleyball team that won a other state title. I believe it is about the last five out of six years that they have done so well.

Someone was asking me about Nancy Porter the Sunnyslope teacher among some other teachers. Sorry forgot who it was. Anyway saw on a Sunnyslope Facebook page (one of the many) someone posted she was on Facebook if that person or anyone what to go find her.

And I think that is about all the info I have....  -HS

From the Desk of Harry Spangler, August 26, 2011

I hope everyone is doing well. Been a busy long summer for everyone.

Anyway this is going out to 70 people just not in the class of 1976. I know a lot of you have other Sunnyslope people class mates as family and friends. Could you pass it on or mention some of the below things. Thanks.

First just a reminder of the First Saturday of each month breakfast for all classes at eight in the morning at the Eye Opener at Hatcher and 6th Avenue. So September 3rd hope to see you then for those that can make it that early in the morning.

Anyway for those not in the area here are two other things.

For the first game Sunnyslope beat Washington 28-26 last night so they are so far doing well. I am a little bit late getting this out but the website below is important for the success of the football program. A couple parents showed up (the coach wanted to be around but practice was being held) at the last breakfast and brought up this website for info into the football program. I was really surprised that it takes $50,000 to run the Sunnyslope football program. Among other things you can buy shirts, hats and other fund raising and sponsorship things. Also have other things like ad space if you go though the website. The schedule is also up. The homecoming game is against South Mountain October 14 at seven. Boy the schedule of teams have really changed from 1976 for some of us around the time frame.

Also S Mountain if anyone is around and seen it more and more houses are being built on the side of it. One small tiny path to go up to paint the S now. Anyway the Sunnyslope Historical Society is looking to get the Mountain designated a historic site by the state or nation or preserved in some way. Not sure how they plan to but if you might know how are be interested in helping contact me and I can forward you to the people in charge. One other thing along the S mountain. The historical society would like to know with your name and what year you graduated how you recall painting the S. What you did who were some of the people around them and what ever. You can send them to me and I will forward them.

Any questions? I most likely do not have the answers..... But will pass it on to someone that may.

From the desk of
Harry Spangler Jr.


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